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ADIDA ăd’ ə də (Αδιδα). A town situated on a hill above the plains of Judea on a road leading from Jerusalem to the coast. Probably the same as the OT Hadid. It was fortified by Simon Maccabeus and used by him to meet the army of Tryphon (1 Macc 13:13; Jos. Antiq. XIII. vi. 5). Here also Aretas, king of Arabia, defeated Alexander Janneus in battle (Jos. Antiq. XIII. xv. 2).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Adida). A town of the Benjamin tribe near Lod and Ono located upon a hill facing the "plain country" of Judea, rebuilt and fortified by Simon Maccabee (1 Macc 12:38), who later encamped here to meet the army of Tryphon (1 Macc 13:13; Ant, XIII, vi, 5). It was also here that Aretas, king of Arabia, met Alexander Janneus in battle and defeated him (Ant., XIII, xv, 2). Perhaps the El-Haditheh of today located about three miles east of Lydda or Lod. See Hadid.