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ADBEEL (ăd'bē-ĕl, Heb. ’adhbe’ēl, languishing for God). The third son of Ishmael and grandson of Abraham (Gen.25.13; 1Chr.1.29).

ADBEEL ăd’ bĭ əl (אַדְבְּאֵ֖ל, languishing for God, from Arab. miracle of God [?]). Mentioned only in the genealogies of Abraham (Gen 25:13; 1 Chron 1:29) as the third of Ishmael’s twelve sons, the grandson of Abraham and Hagar the Egyp. In the Assyrian records of Tiglath-pileser the descendants of Adbeel are known as Idibi ilu, a Bedouin Aramaean tribe (A. H. Sayce, The Higher Critics and the Monuments 202 [1894]).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The third of the twelve sons of Ishmael (Ge 25:13; 1Ch 1:29). The name appears in the Assyrian records as that of a north Arabian tribe residing somewhere Southwest of the Dead Sea.