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ADAMAH (ăd'a-ma, Heb. ’ădhāmâh, red ground). A fortified city of Naphtali (Josh.19.36). It is thought to be Qarn Hattin.

ADAMAH ăd’ ə mə, (אֲדָמָה, H141, ground or red ground). One of the nineteen fortified and fenced cities of Naphtali in the time of Joshua (Josh 19:36). Its location has been disputed, but its position in the Joshua list would place it N of the Sea of Galilee. Neither the Pal. survey location at Khirbet Damiyeh, at the confluence of the Jabbok and Jordan Rivers, nor identification with Adami-nekeb seem possible.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A fortified city in the territory of Naphtali, named between Chinnereth and Ramah (Jos 19:36). It is probably identical with the modern ’Admah, a ruin on the plateau about 10 miles North of Beisan.