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Adam Clarke

1762?-1832. Methodist theologian. Born in County Londonderry, he received a local education, supplemented through John Wesley's influence in England at Kingswood School, Bristol. Having become a Methodist in 1778, he was appointed circuit preacher in Wiltshire in 1782, later traveling all over the British Isles as his fame grew. From 1805 he lived chiefly in London, and was three times president of the Methodist conference. Awarded an Aberdeen LL.D., his scholarship was impressive, encompassing classics, patristics, oriental languages and literature, history, geology and natural science, and even the occult. Theologically orthodox in most things, Clarke nevertheless denied Christ's eternal sonship while maintaining His divinity; held that Judas repented and was saved; and rejected Calvin's view of predestination. His great achievement was an eight-volume Bible commentary (1810-26). Selected to edit Rymer's Foedera, he was forced by ill- health to relinquish the task at volume 2. Clarke's miscellaneous works in thirteen volumes were printed in 1836.