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ADADAH (ă-dā'da, Heb. ‘adh‘ādhâh). A city in Judah (Josh.15.22). Its identity is not certain.

ADADAH äd’ ə də (עַדְעָדָֽה, meaning uncertain; festival or bordering suggested). A city of Judah on the southeastern border near Edom (Josh 15:22). The location is unknown. Khirbet ’Ar ’arah c. ten m. SE of Beer-sheba has been suggested. Because the LXX reads ̓Αρουήλ, a possible spelling for ’Ar ’arah, some identify Adadah with Aroer in Judah. From the order of names in Joshua, it would seem that Adadah was located somewhere in the area of Arad and Aroer. Current opinion favors identification with Aroer.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A city in the southern part of Judah (Jos 15:22). The older copies of the Greek text have Arouel, but that is not a sufficient reason for identifying the name with the Aroer of 1Sa 30:28. Some scholars adopt the change of text, and identify the site with Ararah, about seven miles Southeast of Beer-sheba. Others identify it with Adadah, eight or nine miles Southeast of Arad.