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Acts of Peter and Paul

PETER AND PAUL, ACTS OF. A Gr. compilation of different traditions, in part from the Acts of Peter. It begins with Paul’s journey from the island of Gaudomelete to Rome. The Jews in fear appeal to Nero to stop him, and orders are given accordingly. Dioscorus the shipmaster is arrested and beheaded in mistake for Paul in Puteoli. Other local legends embellish the account. Then the narrative joins the so-called Marcellus text (see Passion of Peter and Paul) in relating the united activity of the apostles in Rome, their dealings with Simon Magus, and their martyrdom. Here the martyrdoms take place at the same time, although in the older legends there is a year between them. The text includes the letter of Pilate to Claudius from the Pilate lit. (see ANT, 146; NTAp, I, 477).


Text in Lipsius, Acta apostolorum apocrypha I, i, 178ff.; see also ANT, 470; NTAp, II, 575.