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ACHIOR ā’ kĭ ôr (̓Αχίωρ, אחיאור, brother of light). An Ammonite chief captain who after giving a favorable report on the Israelites to Holofernes, the commander of the Assyrians, was left bound in Israelite territory. When Judith later showed Achior the severed head of Holofernes, he “believed firmly in God” and was converted to Judaism (Judt 5:5ff.; 6:1ff.; 14:6-10).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

General of the Ammonites, who spoke in behalf of Israel before Holofernes, the Assyrian general (Judith 5:5 ff). Holofernes ordered him bound and delivered at Bethulia to the Israelites (Judith 6), who received him gladly and with honor. Afterward he became a proselyte, was circumcised, and joined to Israel (Judith 14). In Nu 34:27 it is the Septuagint reading for Ahihud, and in the Hebrew would be ’achi’or, "brother of light."