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ACHAICUS (a-kā'ĭ-kŭs, Gr. Achaikos). A Corinthian Christian, named for his country of origin, who accompanied Stephanas and Fortunatus to bring supplies to Paul at Ephesus (1Cor.16.17-1Cor.16.19).

ACHAICUS ə kā’ ə kəs (̓Αχαϊκός, G939, belonging to Achaia). A respected Christian of Corinth. His name suggests he may have been a slave or ex-slave of the family of L. Mummius, conqueror of Achaia. He is mentioned only in 1 Corinthians 16:17 as the third member of a three man delegation coming to Paul in Ephesus with a letter from the Corinthian church (1 Cor 7:1). Some MSS also insert the three names of the delegation in 16:15. Their arrival refreshed Paul, giving him the needed direct contact with the church. They returned to Corinth, apparently taking with them 1 Corinthians, as the subscription in the TR claims.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A name honorably conferred upon L. Mummius, conqueror of Corinth and Achaia (compare CORINTH). Achaicus was one of the leaders of the Corinthian church (to be inferred from 1Co 16:15 ff) who, visiting Paul at Ephesus with Stephanas and Fortunatus, greatly relieved the Apostle’s anxiety for the Corinthian church (compare 1Co 5:1 ff). Paul admonishes the members of the Cor church to submit to their authority (compare 1Th 5:12) and to acknowledge their work (1Co 16:15 ff).

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