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a-kom’-plish: Richly represented in the Old Testament by seven Hebrew synonyms and in the New Testament by five Greek (the King James Version); signifying in Hebrew

(1) "to complete" (La 4:11);

(2) "to fulfill" (Da 9:2);

(3) "to execute" (1Ki 5:9);

(4) "to set apart" i.e. "consecrate" (Le 22:21);

(5) "to establish" (Jer 44:25 the King James Version);

(6) "to have pleasure in" (Job 14:6);

(7) "to perfect" (Ps 64:6);


(1) "to finish" (Ac 21:5);

(2) "to bring to an end" (Heb 9:6);

(3) "to be fulfilled" (Lu 2:6);

(4) "to fill out" (Lu 9:31);

(5) "to complete" (Lu 12:50).