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Acco, Accho

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ACCO, ACCHO (ăk'ō, Heb. ‘akkô, Judg.1.31; kjv Accho; in asv, rsv, and niv, Acco). The name occurs in some manuscripts and versions of Josh.19.30. In the NT, Ptolemais; modern Arabic, ‘Akka; English, Acre. A seaport, eight miles (thirteen km.) north of Mount Carmel, thirty miles (fifty km.) south of Tyre. The river Belus flows into the Mediterranean Sea close to the town. Acco was in the portion assigned to the tribe of Asher, but the Hebrews did not drive out the original inhabitants (Judg.1.31). It received the name Ptolemais from the Ptolemies of Egypt, from whom it was wrested by the Romans. Paul stayed there a day with Christian brethren on his way from Tyre to Caesarea (Acts.21.7). The Crusaders occupied the town and named it St. Jean d'Acre. In modern times it was part of the Turkish Empire, except for a time when it was occupied by Egypt, being restored to the Turks with British help. Today it is in the nation of Israel, opposite the larger city of Haifa.