1128-1201. Archbishop of Lund. Born in Denmark, he studied and taught in Paris. In 1158 he became bishop of Roskilde, served as papal legate to Scandinavia, and after 1178 was appointed to Lund. He introduced into Denmark Western religious customs like clerical celibacy and monasticism. In fortifying his diocese against an invasion of Slavs (Wends) he built at Havn a castle-keep which became the nucleus of the city of Copenhagen. He served as counselor to Waldemar I and Canute IV, doing much to arrange wise legislation. He patronized the arts and encouraged Saxo Grammaticus to write the history of Denmark. He founded a monastery at Soro, where he was buried.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ab’-sa-lon. See Absalom (in the Apocrypha).