ABIEL (ā'bĭ-ĕl, Heb. ’ăvî’ēl, the father is God, or God is father)

The grandfather of Saul and Abner (1Sam.9.1; 1Sam.14.51).One of David’s mighty men (1Chr.11.32), also called Abi-Albon (2Sam.23.31).

ABIEL ā’ bī əl (אֲבִיאֵ֞ל, the [my] father is God). 1. A man of Benjamin who is mentioned as the father of Kish and the grandfather of King Saul and Abner (1 Sam 9:1; 14:51). It is conjectured that Jeiel (Jehiel KJV) in 1 Chronicles 8:29 and 9:35, the father of Ner, is the same as Abiel. If this is true, then Abiel (Jeiel) is the grandfather of Kish and the great-grandfather of Saul.

2. One of David’s thirty mighty men (1 Chron 11:32) called Abi-albon (2 Sam 23:31), from Arabath or Beth-arabah in the N of Judah (Josh 15:6). Consequently Abiel is called the Arbathite.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

a’-bi-el, ab’-yel, a-bi’-el (’abhi’el, "my father is God," or "God is father"):

(1) A descendant of Benjamin the son of Jacob. Father of Kish the father of King Saul, and also, apparently, the father of Ner the father of Saul’s general, Abner (1Sa 9:1; 14:51).

(2) One of David’s mighty men (1Ch 11:32), called ABI-ALBON, which see, in 2Sa 23:31.