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ABI-ALBON ā’ bī ăl’ bən (אֲבִֽי־עַלְבוֹן, ABI, father of; ALBON, meaning unknown). Abi-albon the Arbathite, a member of David’s thirty mighty men (2 Sam 23:31). Most likely from Beth-arabah, a border town of Judah and Benjamin (Josh 15:6, 61; 18:22). Name may be corrupt. Some suggest confusion with Shaalbon (2 Sam 23:32). The LXX has Abiel in 2 Samuel 23:31 and agrees with the MT in 1 Chronicles 11:32 where both Heb. and Gr. texts read Abiel the Arbathite. The suggestion that Albon is a corruption of Baal is not likely.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ab-i-al’-bon, abi-al’-bon (’abhi `alebhon, meaning not known. Gesenius infers from the Arabic a stem which would give the meaning "father of strength," and this is at worst not quite so groundless as the conjectures which explain `alebhon as a textual misreading for ’el or ba`al): Abi-albon the Arbathite was one of David’s listed heroes (2Sa 23:31), called Abiel the Arbathite in 1Ch 11:32. Presumably he was from Beth- arabah (Jos 15:6,61, 18:22).

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