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ABDI (ăb'dī, Heb. ‘avdî, probably servant of Jehovah)

A Levite, father of Kishi, the grandfather of David’s singer Ethan (1Chr.6.44). It is uncertain whether the Abdi of 2Chr.29.12 is the same man.One of the sons of Elam who in Ezra’s time had married foreign wives (Ezra.10.26).

ABDI ăb’ dī (עֲדָיָֽה, servant of, conjectured to be abbreviation of עבדיה servant of Yah. LXX 1 Esd 9:27, Αβδια, servant of Yah [Jehovah]). 1. A man of the family of Merari whose grandson Ethan was made a songmaster by David (1 Chron 6:44 [Heb and LXX 1 Chron 6:29]; 2 Chron 29:12).

2. A descendant of Elam, who had married a foreign woman during the Exile contrary to the law of Moses, but who put away his wife and children in obedience to Ezra and a committee of chosen men (Ezra 10:26).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`abhdi, probably by abbreviation "servant of Yahweh"):

(1) A Levite, father of Kishi and grandfather of King David’s singer Ethan (1Ch 6:44; compare 1Ch 15:17). This makes Abdi a contemporary of Saul the king.

(2) A Levite, father of the Kish who was in service at the beginning of the reign of Hezekiah (2Ch 29:12). Some mistakenly identify this Abdi with the former.

(3) A man who in Ezra’s time had married a foreign wife (Ezr 10:26). Not a Levite, but "of the sons of Elam."