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ABARIM (ăb'a-rĭm, Heb. ‘avārîm, those beyond, or on the other side). Either the region east of the Jordan or the name of a mountain range NW of Moab. The Israelites encamped here just before crossing the Jordan (Num.33.47), and from one of its peaks Moses saw the Promised Land (Num.27.12).

ABARIM ăb’ ə rĭm (עֲבָרִ֖ים, the regions beyond), the region of Trans-Jordan, lands E of the Jordan River. The term is used specifically of the mountain ranges of Trans-Jordan. Mount Nebo was part of the mountains of Abarim (Num 27:12; Deut 32:49). Jeremiah (22:20) mentions three regions in sequence from N to S: Lebanon, Bashan, and Abarim. The Abarim mountain ranges are 600 ft. above the plateau of Moab. They overlook the Dead Sea, 4000 ft. below.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

When the people of Abraham lived in Canaan, before they went to Egypt to sojourn, they spoke of the region east of the Jordan as "beyond Jordan." Looking across the Jordan and the Dead Sea they designated the mountain country they saw there as "the Beyond mountains." They continued to use these geographical terms when they came out of Egypt. We have no means of knowing to how extensive a region they applied the name. The passages speak of the mountain country of Abarim where Moses died, including Nebo, as situated back from the river Jordan in its lowest reaches; and of the Mounds of the Abarim as farther to the southeast, so that the Israelites passed them when making their detour around the agricultural parts of Edom, before they crossed the Arnon. Whether the name Abarim should be applied to the parts of the eastern hill country farther to the north is a question on which we lack evidence.

Willis J. Beecher

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