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Gospel of John

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John's Gospel focuses on Christology and emphasizes dualism and eschatology.  John has long pericopes, clear statements about the identity of Jesus and a number of stories not found in the synoptic Gospels. 


The Gospels

Part 4

The Gospel of John

I. Christology

A. More developed than other Gospels

B. Explicit examples: vs. 1:18; 5:18; 10:33; 20:28

C. Various "I am" sayings (implicit)

D. Jesus greater than John the Baptist

E. Theme of the Gospel - 20:20-31

II. Dualism

A. Examples: vs. 8:23; 7:7; 15:18-19

B. Moral dualism

III. Unique Vocabulary

IV. Introduction to the Gospel

V. Eschatology of John

A. Realized - Eternal life is now: 3:36; 5:24

B. Consistent - Judgment, Resurrection, Second Coming are Future

VI. Historical Issues

A. John is not ignorant of the geography of Israel.

B. Contains features that reveal good access to historical information.

C. Information learned from John not found in the Synoptic Gospels.

VII. Differences between John and the Synoptics

A. Contains long pericopes

B. Contains clear statements as to Jesus' identity

C. Contains a number of stories not in the other Synoptic Gospels

VIII. Possible Intermixture of the Historical Situation of Jesus and John

A. Being born again

B. The ascension

C. The use of first person plural

IX. Authorship

X. Unity of the Gospel

XI. Date

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