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Lecture 2: Epistemology

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Reformed Epistemology


I. Is it necessary to prove the existence of God?

A. Debate between Alvin Plantinga and Antony Flew

B. Evidentialist Challenge


II. Background

A. Innate Ideas

B. Thomas Reid

C. Belief Dispositions

1. External World

2. Other Minds

3. Memory Beliefs

D. Alvin Plantinga


III. Evidentialism - Three Premises

A. It is irrational to accept theistic belief in the absence of sufficient evidence.

B. There is insufficient evidence to support belief in God.

C. Therefore, belief in God is irrational.


IV. Plantinga's Rejection of Evidentialism

A. Fatal Flaw #1 - Belief dispositions

B. Fatal Flaw #2 - Self-defeating thesis

For more information, see:

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Nash, Faith and Reason, pp. 69-79

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25 min

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