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Lecture 1: Introduction to Apologetics

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I.  Introduction to the Lectures

A.  Overview

B.  Textbooks


II.  What is Apologetics?

A.  Greek word - apologia

B.  Definition - defending the Christian faith

C.  Two Kinds

1.  Negative - Burden of proof on the non-Christian

2.  Positive - Burden of proof on the Christian


III.  Worldview Thinking

A.  How to Choose a Worldview

B.  Three Tests of a Worldview

1.  Reason

a.  The Law of Non-contradiction

b.  The presence of a contradiction is always a sign of error.

i.  Solipsism

ii.  Skepticism

2.  Experience

a.  Outer World

b.  Inner World

3.  Practice

For more information, see:

The full course, Christian Apologetics,

Lecture #1, What is Apologetics?

Lecture #2, Worldviews in Conflict

Lecture #3a, The Law of Non-contradiction

Lecture #3b, Invalid Worldviews

Nash, Faith and Reason, pp. 11-66

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