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Revelation (part 1a)

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Revelation focuses on God's plan for cosmic history and the importance of perseverance during difficult circumstances.


Letters of John

Part 2

II. Revelation: God's Plan for Cosmic History (Part 1)

A. Background to the Revelation

1. John in mid-90's on Patmos under Domition

2. Writing to encourage persecuted churches in Asia Minor to "overcome"

3. Three-fold genre

a. Apocalyptic

b. Prophetic

c. Epistolary

4. A preterist-futurist approach

5. A historic (classical) premillenial approach

B. Revelation Time Line

1. Past: Intro (Chapter 1)

2. Present

a. Chapters 2-3: Letters to 7 churches

b. Chapters 4-5: Heavenly Praise

3. Future

a. Chapters 6-19

i. 7 Seals

ii. 7 Trumpets

iii. 7 Bowls of God's Wrath

b. Chapters 20-22

i. Millenium

ii. New Heavens and New Earth

C. Revelation 1-6

1. Chapter 1 – Rich theology, especially Christology

2. Chapters 2-3 – The whole spectrum of churches, good and bad (from Philadelphia to Laodicea)

a. Note also 2:9 and 3:9 and the birkath-ha-minim

b. Note Philadelphia vs. Smyrna

c. Not three abused texts (3:10, 3:15, 3:20)

3. Chapters 4-5 – Heavenly praise to prepare us for what comes next: the lion who is a Lamb (5:5-6)

4. Chapter 6 – Seals as precursors to tribulation

D. Unsealing a scroll

E, Approaching the Abyss

1. Seals

2. Trumpets

3. Bowls

4. The End

F. Revelation 7-11

1. Chapter 7 – First interlude; Jews who represent the whole church

2. Chapters 8-9 – Plagues like in Egypt

a. 1/3 the key fraction

b. Woes: overtly demonic

c. Believers still protected (9:4)

d. Intended for repentance (9:20-21)

3. Chapters 10-11 – Second interlude

a. The little, bittersweet scroll (but now no more delay)

b. The powerful witness (progressive polarization)

4. Progressive polarization before the End (Chapter 11)

a. Successful evangelism

b. Increase of evil

G. The Tribulation of Revelation (7) 8-16

1. Scenario 1

a. First three years

i. First (2) cycles of plagues (chapters 7-10)

ii. Testimony of the two witnesses (chapters 11-12)

b. Second three years

i. Persecution of God's elect (chapters 13-14)

ii. Final cycle of plagues (chapters 15-17)

2. Scenario 2 (3 years)

a. Testimony of the two witnesses

b. Persecution of God's elect

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