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Different Styles for Training Leaders

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There are twelve different styles or ways that we can assist others spiritually. The better that we know how God has gifted us and what different activities are needed for various situations the more effective that we will be as we teach and train others.


Different Styles for Training Leaders



Shepherding Horses Volume II. Kent Humphreys. Pages 63 - 79; 98 - 111, 141 - 168.

Transformational Mentoring. DVD, (available through FCCI / Christ@Work) by Dr. Stacy Rinehart, 

Connecting, The Mentoring Relationships you Need to Succeed in Life. Paul D. Stanley and J. Robert Clinton, NavPress.



     A.  Training Spiritual Leaders


B.     Who has impacted your life spiritually?


C.     The Seven Mountains of Society


D.    Different Styles of the Training Process


E.     Twelve Different Styles or Ways that we can assist Others Spiritually

        1.   Establishing


        2.  Discipling


        3.  Exhorting


       4.  Teaching


            5.  Training


       6.  Admonishing


       7.  Counseling


       8.  Encouraging


       9.  Modeling


      10. Influencing


      11.  Equipping


      12. Mentoring


F.  Leaders require three things.  These will be covered in the last two sessions.

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