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Overcoming Obstacles in Workplace Ministry

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As we take our faith outside the walls of the church to our workplace, we must change our thinking patterns.  These false assumptions, wrong focus, unreasonable expectations, and these prohibit us from being effective for Him.


 Overcoming Obstacles to Workplace Ministry



Shepherding Horses Volume II. Kent Humphreys (Lifestyle Impact). Pages 80 – 96.


As we go outside the walls of the church building to the workplace, we will experience many obstacles.  Let us just list twelve of these:


  1. We have confused a person’s position with his spirituality.


  1. We have confused the platform with the ministry.


  1. We have confused the amount of time that we spend at the church building or involved in church programs with our level of spiritual commitment.


  1. We have confused teaching with training.


  1. We have confused size with significance


  1. We have expected us to come to us instead of us going to them


  1. We have confused our spiritual walk with Sunday church activities


  1. We have focused on building the institution instead of the individual.


  1. We have confused reputation with servant hood.


  1.  We have focused on escaping the secular culture instead of invading it.


  1.  We have focused on external change, not internal change.


  1.  We have focused on individualism instead of teamwork.



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