What Must We Teach? Part 5

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The Ten Commandments are the basis for Old Testament Law and the core teaching of the New Testament.


Content: What must we teach?

Part 5

V.  Ten Commandments

A.  Hurdles to Overcome

B.  Three Aspects of Law

1.  Civil

2.  Ceremonial

3.  Moral

a.  The heart, character, and will of God is reflected.

b.  We are not under moral law in the sense of salvation/justification.

c.  Torah points to the way.

C.  Three Uses of the Ten Commandments

1.  Governing Use - Fence

2.  Accusing Use - Mirror

3.  Guiding Use - Compass

D.  Summary of the Law

E.  Numbering Systems

1.  Reformed

2.  Lutheran and Catholic

3.  Jewish

F.  Applications of the Ten Commandments

1.  Ethics

a.  First level - Ten Commandments - Old Testament Law

b.  Second level - New Testament

c.  Third level - Holy Spirit

2.  Worship

G.  Final Thoughts on Content


51 min

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