Response to Conflict

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Dr. Chuck Coker invites you to his conflict response program, emphasizing conflict's role in personal growth and spiritual development, promising transformative change.

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Response to Conflict
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Preview - Response to Conflict

  • Dr. Chuck Coker invites you to his conflict response program, emphasizing conflict's role in personal growth and spiritual development, promising transformative change.
  • In responding to conflict, it is crucial to understand its origins and how it evolves as conflict is instrumental in a well-functioning team or ministry, but handling it can be daunting. Conflict usually starts with a misunderstanding that can cause anxiety to escalate, leading to a fight or flight instinct. Constructive conflict can be a powerful trust-building tool, but it is essential to identify conflict in its early stages to avoid it getting out of hand.
  • Conflict can be a team-building opportunity when well managed. To effectively manage conflict, recognize it as a communication breakdown that needs to be addressed, rather than avoided. Recognize that not all conflict can be resolved, but use it as a motivator for change. Building trust through strengthened relationships will enable you to manage conflict and achieve personal growth.
  • Through this lesson, you gain in-depth knowledge of five key conflict response styles, comprehending their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses, and how to navigate conflicts effectively using this understanding.
  • Gain knowledge about conflict types, causes, resolution strategies, and prevention methods to effectively handle conflicts in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and organizational settings.
  • Gain insight into conflict types, sources, and biblical resolution principles, while learning strategies like communication skills, problem-solving, reconciliation, and fostering a peaceful church culture.
  • Gain insight into biblical conflict resolution strategies, emphasizing active listening, empathy, and humility, and explore the vital roles of forgiveness and reconciliation in healing.
Dr. Chuck Coker invites you to his conflict response program, where he'll share his 35-year experience teaching conflict resolution and its importance in personal growth. Using the strategies adopted by major corporations across two continents, he'll guide you through understanding, resolving, and learning from conflicts. He aims to help participants develop into the individuals God intended them to be, all while drawing on scriptural examples. Joining this program promises transformative life changes and personal development.

Hello and welcome. I'm Dr. Chuck Coker, and I want to invite you to the conflict response program that I am going to be sharing with you. This is exciting to me because one of the things that I have learned over the past 35 years of teaching people about interactions, emotional intelligence and how to grow and develop is the fact that I have embraced the concept that conflict is good. It's good for us because it causes us to grow and develop. So what I want to do is help you see the things that I have put into place in major corporations on two different continents on how to deal with conflict and how to make the most of it. But even better, how to learn from it, to develop yourself into the person that God intended you to be. Conflict is good. We see it scripturally. We see it between the apostles. We see Christ dealing with it on a day to day basis. So it's not something that we can escape, but it's something we can learn from, that we will learn from. And that if you involve yourself in this program, I assure you your life will change forever. And that's a good thing because Christ gives us an edict and we know that our purpose is to glorify him. And the way we glorify him is by becoming the people he created us to be. And in doing that, we have to have that development and much of that development is going to come through dealing with conflict. So I hope you'll join me and I'm looking forward to sharing my heart and my experience in the field of conflict in the days ahead.