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In this final lesson, Dr. Ware gives a rationale for studying eschatology or last things. He discusses what happens to people just after they die and before the return of Christ. He also gives an overview of the various beliefs about the timing and events of the last days. He completes the lesson with a discussion of final judgment, heaven, and hell.


I. Introduction

A. The Meaning of “Eschatology”

B. Value of Studying Eschatology

1. It helps us understand God’s cosmic purposes.

2. It gives us hope.

3. It gives us endurance.

4. It encourages us to reassess our values.

5. It motivates us for holiness.

6. It motivates us for witness.

7. It motivates us for worship.

II. Intermediate State

A. Unbelievers

B. Believers

III. Views of the Millennium

A. Postmillennialism

B. Amillennialism

C. Historic Premillennialism

1. Revelation teaches a literal millennial reign of Christ.

2. Satan is not “bound” in this age.

3. The two resurrections indicate a millennial reign.

D. Dispensational Premillennialism

IV. Views of the Tribulation

A. Mid-tribulation Rapture

B. Post-tribulation Rapture

C. Pre-tribulation Rapture

V. Final Judgment and the Eternal State

A. Final Judgment

1. There is a final judgment for all people.

2. There is judgment for believers.

B. Hell

C. Heaven

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