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Kingdom of God

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The kingdom of God is God's kingdom invading the earthly kingdom. In the Gospels, there are both "realized" passages and "future" passages. There is a tension between the "now" and "not yet" and it is important to emphasize each aspect equally.


The Teachings of Jesus

Part 6

The Message of Jesus' Teaching: Kingdom of God

I.  The Kingdom of God

A.  Root of Jesus' Teachings

B.  "Kingdom of Heaven" = "Kingdom of God"

1.  Matthew uses the terms interchangeably.

2.  "Of Heaven" in lieu of "of God"

C.  Four Interpretations

1.  Non-eschatological School

2.  Political School

3.  Consistent Eschatology

4.  Realized Eschatology

D.  Realized Passages

1.  Luke 11:20

2.  Luke 16:16

3.  Luke 17:20

E.  Future Passages

1.  Luke 11:2

2.  Matthew 7:21

3.  Luke 22:29

F.  The Already Now - Not Yet

1.  Kingdom is a dynamic reign of a king.

2.  Tension between the two realities.

3.  D-Day and V-Day

G.  Dangers

1.  Emphasizing the Now

2.  Emphasizing the Not Yet

3.  Separating the Old Testament and New Testament

H.  A Proper Approach

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