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The Holy Spirit

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In this lesson, Dr. Ware discusses the person of the Holy Spirit, both his personhood and his deity. He also covers the work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, in the life of Jesus, and in the church.


I. The Person of the Holy Spirit

A. The Personhood of the Holy Spirit

1. The Holy Spirit has the attributes of a person.

2. The Holy Spirit performs the actions of a person.

3. The Holy Spirit is treated as a person.

4. Personal pronouns are used of the Spirit.

B. The Deity of the Holy Spirit

1. The Holy Spirit is declared to be God.

2. There are attributes that are true of God alone that are predicated of the Holy Spirit.

3. Works of God alone are done by the Holy Spirit.

4. The Holy Spirit has the prerogatives of deity.

5. Triadic Passages

II. The Work of the Holy Spirit

A. The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

1. Old Testament references to the Holy Spirit

2. The Spirit’s Empowerment in the Old Testament

a. Empowering Judges

b. Empowering Prophets

c. Empowering Civil Leaders

3. Prophetic Visions about the Future Role of the Spirit

B. The Holy Spirit in the Life and Ministry of Jesus

1. Old Testament Expectation of the Coming Spirit-empowered Messiah

2. The Spirit in Jesus’ Life and Ministry

3. Jesus and the Future Coming of the Holy Spirit

C. The Holy Spirit and the Church

1. Pentecost: the Age to Come Arrives!

2. Empowerment for Witness in the World

3. Empowerment for Service in the Church

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