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Gospel of Matthew

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The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes how Jesus' life, death and resurrection fulfilled prophecies that were made in the Old Testament. Matthew also shows concern for the church and has a strong eschatological emphasis. 


The Gospels

Part 2

The Gospel of Matthew

I. Theological Emphases

A. Fulfillment of the Old Testament

1. Heavy use of term "fulfilled"

2. Frequent use of "it is written"

3. Numerous additional Old Testament quotations

B. Particular/Universal in Matthew

1. Jewish nature

2. Condemnation of the Jews

3. Universal concern

C. Concern for the Church

D. Christological Emphasis

E. Eschatological Emphasis

II. Audience of Matthew

A. Must have been Greek-speaking

B. Expects his readers to be familiar with Jewish customs

C. Uses Jewish phraseology

D. Substitution for the name of God

III. Authorship of Matthew

A. Tradition is consistent and unanimous

B. Was it originally written in Hebrew or Greek?

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