Gospel of Mark

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Studying the background and theological emphases of the Gospel of Mark helps us to understand the central message of his Gospel.


The Gospels

Part 1

I. The Gospel of Mark

A. Emphases

1. Central Importance of the Cross

a. Role of Jewish Leadership

b. Divine Cause of the Cross

i. Foretold in the Old Testament

ii. Foretold by Jesus

iii. Necessity of the Cross

c. Why this emphasis?

2. Call to Discipleship

a. Passion prediction

b. Disciple error

c. Discipleship teaching

3. Teaching Ministry of Jesus

4. Messianic Secret

5. Person of Christ

a. Miracles

b. Implicit Christology

c. Explicit Christology (Titles)

i. Son of God

ii. Son of Man

iii. Christ

6. Dullness of Disciples

B. Audience of Mark

1. Greek speaking, did not understand Aramaic

2. Not acquainted with Jewish customs

3. Familiar with Latin

4. Roman reckoning of time

5. The Praetorium

C. Authorship of Mark

1. Text is anonymous

2. More concerned with what than who

3. Tradition

4. Why is this important?

D. Date of Mark


42 min