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Gospel of Luke

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Studying the background and theological emphases of the Gospel of Luke helps us to understand the central message of his Gospel.


The Gospels

Part 3

III. The Gospel of Luke

A. Theological Emphases

1. Great Loving Concern of God for the Oppressed

a. Tax-collectors

b. Sinners

c. Poor

d. Widows

e. Lame

f. Blind

g. Samaritans

h. Women

i. Enemies

2. Universalism

a. Genealogy going back to Adam

b. Gospel story begins with Roman census

c. Implicit missions

d. Explicit missions

3. Warnings of the Dangers of Riches

4. Repentance

5. Forgiveness

6. The Holy Spirit

B. Authorship of Luke

1. Early church tradition

2. Connection with Acts - "We" sections

a. Acts 16:10

b. Acts 20:5

C. Sources

D. Audience of Luke

1. Tradition

2. Lukan Prologue

3. Individual Passages

a. Tiles - 5:19

b. Cloak and coat

E. Date of Luke