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In order to understand Jesus' teaching, it is important to understand how he uses exaggeration and determine when he is using exaggeration to make a point. An exaggeration is something that is literally impossible and sometimes conflicts with teachings of the Old Testament or other teachings of Jesus. They often use idiomatic language that had a specific meaning to the original hearers. 


The Teachings of Jesus

Part 1

The Method (part 1)

I. Recognizing Exaggeration

A. Statement is literally impossible

B. Statement conflicts with what Jesus says elsewhere

C. Statement conflicts with behavior and actions of Jesus elsewhere

D. Statement conflicts with teachings of the Old Testament

E. Statement conflicts with teachings of the New Testament

F. Statement is interpreted by another Evangelist in a non-literal way

G. Statement is not always literally fulfilled in practice

H. Statement's literal fulfillment would not achieve the desired goal

I. Statement uses a particular literary form prone to exaggeration

J. Statement uses idiomatic language that no longer bears its literal meaning

K. Statement uses all-inclusive and universal language

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