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Lecture 2: Marks of the Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis (part 1)

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The mind is the organ of reason, imagination is the organ of understanding. To understand what real truth is, the imagination needs to be a part of that. We are created in the image of God and are immortal beings. Ordinary people are extraordinary. The Christian life is most deeply about being transformed resulting in participation in the divine life. It's more than just having one’s legal status changed. There should be transformation in the culture as well as personal. God is in the process of redeeming a wounded universe, including the whole of knowledge and truth in all subjects. 

C.S. Lewis Lecture 1b


Marks of the Christian Mind of C.S. Lewis (part 1)

I. Video on C.S. Lewis’s Life

A. Lewis becomes a Christian

B. Lewis articulates and defends Christianity

C. Importance of imagination

D. Belief in a creator

E. Contribution to culture

II. Student Comments

A. Christianity is a valid worldview

B. Difference between inferential apologetics and comparative approach

III. Marks of the Christian Mind

A. Universality of the Christian faith

B. Transformational perspective

C. Participation in the divine life

D. Holistic approach

E. Creational outlook

F. Incarnational perspective

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45 min

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