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The very best thing you can do for BiblicalTraining is to tell your friends about us. Personal recommendations are far more effective than Google ads and newsletters, so would you please tell your friends about us.

To help you do that, we’ve created a four-minute video that you can share with friends, or show at church or in your small group, or put onto your social media. You can view it by clicking above or you can download the video by clicking here.

As you talk to your friends, please tell them that the vision of BiblicalTraining is to help fulfill the Great Commission by teaching people to obey everything that Jesus taught. Our mission, how we are going to achieve our vision, is to have a wide variety of classes at all different learning levels. Teaching people to obey can only be done in relationships, especially mentoring relationships. This is why we encourage you to take our classes in a group.

The next best thing you can do is to join our Ministry Partners program and commit to donating $25 a month and enjoy the benefits of membership. If that’s not possible any donation is appreciated. We are a crowd–sourced, donation–supported ministry, and with your support we can achieve our vision together.

We continue to receive encouraging testimonies from around the world, knowing that your support is changing peoples’ lives. Zane writes, “I absolutely love BiblicalTraining.org. You guys have been a great help in my personal growth and the growth of a few young men I disciple.” Be assured that your donations are changing lives around the globe.

With deepest appreciation,

Bill Mounce

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