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Forgiveness is not about being nice

Forgiveness is about not letting the past control your life

When I talk to you about forgiveness, I'm not talking to you about adding to your niceness. Forgiveness isn't a nice thing to do for other people so that things just kind of get a little better.  That's not what forgiveness is.

 So it's not sort of a list, something to add to your or my list of nice things that we do, ways that we were nice to people. I'm talking to you about forgiveness in a way that says I'm not letting that event or those events or places where I truly was a victim, I had no part in that, it was something that was done to me. And I am not letting that take me forward.

You can, you've done that or sometimes, by omission, you've not done that, and you cannot now continue to direct my life.

Dr. Ron Toews

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