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Attributes of God

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In this lesson, Dr. Ware discusses the Doctrine of God proper: why we need to know God, his incommunicable attributes, and those attributes that in some sense are communicable to humans.


I. Introduction

A. Need to Know God!

B. Classification of Attributes

1. Incommunicable vs. Communicable

2. Transcendent vs. Immanent

C. Need for Methodological Balance in the Doctrine of God

II. Incommunicable Attributes

A. Self-Existence (Aseity)

B. Self-Sufficiency

1. Isaiah 40:12ff

2. Acts 17

C. Infinity

D. Omnipresence

E. Eternity

F. Immutability

1. In His Being

2. In His Promises

3. Responsive in Relationship

III. Communicable Attributes

A. Intellectual Attributes

1. Omniscience

2. Omnisapience

B. Moral Attributes

1. Goodness

a. Love

b. Grace

c. Mercy

2. Holiness

a. Righteousness

b. Justice

C. Attributes of God’s Rulership

1. Omnipotence

2. Sovereignty

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