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Why So Many Versions?

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I. The Era of Accuracy (or ‘formal equivalence’) (1881-1971)

A. The Revised Version (1881, 1885)

B. The American Standard Version (1901)

C. The Revised Standard Version (1946, 1952)

D. The New American Standard Version (1963, 1971; revised 1995)


II. The Era of Readability (or ‘functional equivalence’) (1970-1998)

A. The New English Bible (1970; revised 1989)

B. The New International Version (1973, 1978)


III. Other Formal Equivalent Translations Since 1971

A. The New King James Bible (1979, 1983)

B. The New Revised Standard Version (1989)

C. The Holman Christian Standard Version (2000, 2002?)

D. The English Standard Version (2001)


IV. A New Era Begins with the NET Bible (1998, 2001)

A. Commitment to Accessibility:

B. Principles of Translation

C. A True Study Bible


V. Conclusion

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