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What Jesus Did

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Jesus did many things while on earth, but the most significant of all was dying on the cross. But what exactly happened? What was accomplished? What does the Bible mean when it talks about Jesus being the “lamb of God”? Is there anything that can help me understand the significance of his death. Do I need to be reminded about it on a regular basis?


Learning More About God

Part 3

III. What Jesus did

A. Jesus is the Lamb of God

B. Two Principles

C. Two Ramifications

1. “Lamb of God who takes away...”

2. “...the sin of the world”

a. It is finished!

b. Temple veil torn in two

c. Sew the curtain back up

d. Only one way -- only one Lamb of God did something about sin

D. We Must Respond to the Atonement

E. Communion

1. Egypt, 1400 BC

2. Jesus reinterprets Passover

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