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Walking Together

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While we become God’s children one disciple at a time, as children we are members of a new family with a new father, new brothers and sisters, and a new home. How do I relate to these people? Do I need to spend time with them? Is this an easy or difficult task? How does the early church help us understand these issues? How does my love for God show itself to others?


Continuing in your new life

Part 2

II. Walking together

A. Our new family

B. Challenges of authentic biblical community

1. Circles of relationships

2. Changing culture

C. Model of the early church—all about God

1. Center of our lives

2. Growth in spiritual maturity

3. Devoted to fellowship

a. “Christian Crockpot”

b. Primary social circle

c. Grace

4. Ministry

a. Within the body

b. Outside the body

D. Hard work

1. Begins with a common purpose

2. Simplify your life

3. Become "Haven of Grace"

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