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Walking with God

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When you became a Christian, you started to walk with God. It is a day-by-day process in which sin has less hold on your life and you more and more look like Jesus. But some days are more difficult than others, especially when difficult things happen. Why do these “bad things” happen? Can I keep back parts of myself from God if doing so helps me avoid pain? Are there any consequences to allowing sin in some parts of my life? What does it mean that Jesus is both “Savior” and “Lord”?


Continuing in Your New Life

Part 1

I. Walking with God

A. Sanctification

1. What does spiritual growth look like?

2. God’s will for your life

B. God allows difficult circumstances

1. What did I do wrong?

2. We grow in the difficult times

3. Test our genuine faith

4. Produce Christian character

C. Response is to compartmentalize lives

1. Compartmentalize time

2. Compartmentalize money

3. Compartmentalize affections

4. Give all to God

D. What if we compartmentalize?

E. Sufficiency of the Cross

F. What if we don’t give Him all?

1. Lose our assurance as Christians

2. Warning passages

G. God will enable us

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