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Tools to Deal With The Eight Deadly Sins

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Instead of gluttony, we see temperance. Temperance means living a balanced life. Chaste love is extending love to others, not preying on them. Poverty of spirit rather than greed. Cultivate meekness to deal with anger. You have been forgiven much so you should be willing to forgive others much. Cultivate faith, hope and love to deal with hopelessness. Cultivate humility to deal with vainglory. Evangelism in the first 300 years a result of the quality of the lives of disciples as they lived in a hostile environment. 


The Eight Deadly Sins: Tools to Deal with Them

I. Review

C. Greed (Corresponds to C in point II.)

D. Anger

E. Sadness

F. Vainglory/p>

G. Pride

II. From-Through-To Movement

A. Examples of "through"

1. Temperance

2. Chaste love

C. Poverty of Spirit

D. Meekness

E. Appreciative love and patience

F. Infused faith, hope and love

G. Humility

H. Pride must be broken

I. Penthos

J. Discipleship

III. Serving Others

IV. Difference between expectation and anticipation