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An introduction to the Law portion of the Old Testament and an overview of the content and themes in Genesis from Creation to the migration of Jacob's family to live in Egypt with Joseph.


I. Introduction to the Law

A. Almost every significant Old Testament theme is introduced in the Law.

B. Torah - Hebrew for “instruction,” also called the Pentateuch

C. Two Types of Law

1. Command

2. Case

D. Different kind of instruction: Genesis 1 – Exodus 19

E. The Author of the Law: Moses

F. The Audience of the Law

II. Genesis

A. Emphasis

1. God creates.

2. God judges sin.

3. God redeems his people.

B. Outline

1. Genesis 1:1 – 11:9

2. Genesis 11:10 – 25:18

3. Genesis 25:19 – 36:43

4. Genesis 37 – 50

C. Contents of Genesis

1. The Creation of the World (1 – 2)

2. The Fall into Sin (3)

3. Effects of Sin on the Human Race (4 – 6)

4. New Beginning with Noah and His Family (6 – 9)

5. Covenant (9:11)

6. Rebellion at the Tower of Babel (11:1-9)

7. The Call of Abraham (11:10 – 12:9)

8. Abraham’s Struggle for Faith (12:10 – 25:18)

9. Isaac: The Promise Continues (25:19 – 26:35)

10. Jacob: The Reluctant Heir of Faith (27 – 36)

11. Joseph: The Completion of the Promise (37 – 50)

D. Summary and Looking Ahead



1 hour 9 min