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Temptation & Call of the Disciples

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The three temptations that Satan put to Jesus were significant to him and instructive to us. Jesus had a specific purpose in mind in the way he called his disciples and the fact that he chose 12.


The Life of Jesus

Part 4

I.  The Temptation of Jesus

A.  Source of Information

B.  Temptations

1.  One - Stone to Bread

2.  Two - Jump off Temple

3.  Three - Worship Satan

C.  Real Experiences?

D.  Meaning for Jesus


II.  The Call of the Disciples

A.  Jesus Makes Capernaum His Home

B.  The Call to Follow

1.  Mark 1:16-20

2.  Understood in Light of John 1:35-51

C.  Importance of Choosing the Twelve

D.  Problems in the Lists of the Twelve

E.  Theological Significance

1.  An Acted-out Parable

2.  The Kingdom of God Has Come

F.  Historicity of the Twelve

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