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When You Stumble

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When you stumble in your new walk with God. Even though God’s power is at work within you, helping you to become more like Jesus, you will stumble. This is not to remove the joy of your new faith; it is to prepare you for the joy of spiritual growth that lies ahead. God knows this and is not surprised, and it does not affect his commitment toward you. What is “sin”? Is temptation sin? How will you tell God that you sinned and are sorry? Does he forgive? Can you be cleansed?


I. Living a changed life

II. Defining three terms

A. Relativism

B. Sin

C. Temptation

1. Temptation is not sin

2. You don't have to give in to temptation

3. God is on your side

III. Practical Suggestions

A. Confess

B. Confess your sin to one another

IV. Receive his forgiveness

V. Be Cleansed

VI. Psalm 32

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