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Joe and Silk (Joseph and Vasilka) met during college at Azusa Pacific University. Everyone told Silk while she was growing up that she was destined to be a pastor’s or missionary’s wife. Joe grew up in a family with a few pastors and felt called to ministry during high school.

During college, a mission trip cemented Joe’s call to a life of ministry and Silk ventured out on a short-term mission trip teaching English in Japan. Little did they know their destinies were being shaped for a life of mission.

Not long after college graduation, they started dating and almost three years later they were married. During their wedding ceremony, they asked the minister to gather their families to lay hands on them and commission them into ministry.



M.A. Theology - Azusa Pacific University


Joe served nine years at Azusa Pacific University where he was the founding director of their Office of World Missions and leader of one of the first multi-national high school mission congresses in Mexico City in 1996. The Lord then called him to Rolling Hills Covenant Church in 1998 where Joe served as the Global Outreach Pastor and later the Associate Pastor for Outreach Ministries. In July of 2008, Joe answered the call of God to become the fourth president of Asian Access, a leader development movement that began in 1967.

Overarching Vision

Joe strives to develop leaders for missional movements across Asia. His passion is to come alongside local leaders to encourage and empower them in their calling to reach the world for Christ.

Other Roles

In addition to his role as president of Asian Access, Joe is a contributing blogger for the Billy Graham Center’s Gospel Life Blog. He is also the senior advisor for leader development with the International Orality Network. He serves on the advisory teams for ELEVATE,, and DualReach. Joe is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Polycentric Leadership

Joe's own study and dissertation on Polycentric Mission Leadership have given him deep insight into the concept of polycentric leadership. He is currently writing a book on the subject and has been a sought-after speaker to present his findings. Joe has adopted a polycentric leadership style at Asian Access. You can read real-life case studies and find out more about this concept at his website:

Asian Access

Asian Access (A2) is a vibrant community that changes the few who change the many. We are an interdenominational movement working throughout Asia to identify, develop and release leaders of missional movements. We're focused on empowering key leaders who will lead the Church with vision, character and competence. We are becoming a vibrant community of leaders in twenty countries of Asia, who will unite the Church, extend the Kingdom, and transform the cultures of Asia for the glory of God.

Discover more about A2:

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