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Setting the Compass

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In our next 30-minute sprint we’ll explore the foundational books of the Old Testament. Known formally as the Pentateuch (literally, “the five books”), these writings set the course for our OT journey helping us understand the characteristics of the history we’ll examine later and the nature of the instruction being directed at the people living out that history. In these compass books we’ll see the plan of God with respect to his creation and then with his people, Israel. We’ll begin to understand how these writings reflect God’s desire to redeem his people from the consequences of original sin and transplant his character into that redeemed people, with the larger goal to offer redemption to all of mankind.


Setting the Compass

I. Key Words

A. Culture

B. Creation

C. Character

II. seven Key People

A. Adam

B. Noah

C. Abraham

D. Isaac

E. Jacob

F. Joseph

G. Moses

III. seven Key foundational Themes

A. Creation

B. Judgment

C. Redemption

D. People

E. Leaders

F. Character

G. Covenants

H. Promises

IV. Key Word summary for each foundational book

A. Genesis — beginnings and generations

B. Exodus — slavery and redemption

C. Leviticus — ritual and relationship

D. Numbers — failure and fulfillment

E. Deuteronomy — law and land

V. Remember

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