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Instead of being concerned with the identity of specific events happening at the end of time, we should primarily be concerned with these central truths: it is going to get worse, we must continue to be faithful, and in the end Jesus (and we) win.


A. Introduction

B. Three Key Questions for Interpretation

C. Letters to the Churches (Rev. 2:1-3:7)

D. Vision of the Future

E. Throne Room Scene (Rev. 4-5)

F. Cycle #1: Seven Seals and Interlude (Rev. 6-7)

G. Cycle #2: Seven Trumpets and Interlude (Rev. 8-11)

H. The Dragon and the Two Beasts (Rev. 12-14)

I. Cycle #3: Seven Bowls and Judgment (Rev. 15-28)

J. Final Victory (Rev. 19:1-20:10)

K. Final Judgment and Heaven (Rev. 20:11-22:5)

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