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Abundant Life U Online Bible Courses

Welcome to Abundant Life U Online Bible Classes. Abundant Life Ministries is committed to providing resources and tools for spiritual growth and development.  As a part of this commitment to providing advanced level biblical strudies, Abundant Life Ministries has established a relationship with one of the top providers of online biblical studies to offer over 50 foundation and advanced level bible classes in three distinct areas:

  1. Foundation Bible Classes
  2. Church Leadership
  3. Miniistry/Pastorial

Abundnat Life U classes and their materials are all bible based and not tied to a church or denomination.  The world-class biblical studies available through Abundant U will help prepare students for an academically sound, seminary level training.

How much does it cost?  Abundant Life U online courses and course materials for individual courses are free.  Prayerfully, you will consider making a one-time or recurrring donation of any amount to support the ongoing access to biblical training.  We in turn make a donation to the supporters of the technology and materials that make Abundnt Life U possible.  To make one-time or recurring donation, please go to the church web site at and go to Donations and select Abudnat Life U when making a donation.

We pray that you will be blessed by the over 50 courses available through Abundant U and that your knowledge, gift and talent be sharpened.


In His Service

Pastor Patrick Weaver