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ZIZ (zĭz, Heb. tsîts, shining). A cliff near the west side of the Red Sea on the way from En Gedi to Tekoa. A great horde of Moabites, Ammonites, and apparently some Syrians had assembled against Judah at En Gedi. When Jehoshaphat heard of their approach, he feared, but, being a godly man, he also prayed. God, through a prophet, gave him courage and told him he would find the enemy “climbing up the Pass [niv; ascent nasb, neb, rsv; cliff kjv; slope jb] of Ziz” and that Judah would not need to fight, “for the Lord will be with you” (2Chr.20.16-2Chr.20.17). Trusting God, Jehoshaphat set his musicians before the army; when “they began to sing and praise,” the Lord dispersed the enemy, and the Jews gathered the spoil.