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Sir Frederic George Kenyon

1863-1952. Greek manuscript scholar. Educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford, he was appointed to the staff of the British Museum in 1889. From 1898 until 1909 he was assistant keeper of manuscripts, and from 1909 until 1930 director and principal librarian. His scholarly interests covered a good range, and he published a number of books concerned with Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. His main work was done with Greek papyri and particularly with NT manuscripts. His publications included Our Bible and the Ancient Manuscripts (1895; rev. 1939); A Handbook to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (1901; rev. 1912); Recent Developments in the Textual Criticism of the Greek Bible (1933); The Text of the Greek Bible (1937); The Bible and Archaeology (1940); and The Bible and Modern Scholarship (1948). He used his considerable knowledge of MSS in the ancient world to demonstrate the substantial reliability of the NT text and its closeness to the events which it records.