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SHESHAN (shē’shăn, Heb shē’shān). An early descendant of Judah through Perez, Hezron, and Jerahmeel (1Chr.2.31, 1Chr.2.34). He gave his daughter as wife to an Egyptian servant, Jarha (1Chr.2.35-1Chr.2.41).

SHESHAN she’ shăn (שֵׁשָׁ֔ן; LXX Σωσάν). One of the descendants of Judah, and the head of a family, which consisted only of daughters (1 Chron 2:31, 34). This paragraph in the genealogical lists shows the line of descent from Jerahmeel to Elishama (1 Chron 2:25-41), and the appearance of a slave in the family of Judah is documented, with the marriage of a daughter of Sheshan to his Egyp. slave, Jatha, whose son, Attai, enters the line. Difficulty is experienced with v. 31, where Ahlai, a son of Sheshan, is named. This person may be the same as Attai, a son-apparent.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A Jerahmeelite whose daughter married his servant Jarha (1Ch 2:31,34,35). The genealogical list which follows embraces some very early names (compare Curtis, ICC, at the place).