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SANSANNAH (săn-săn'a, Heb. sansannâh, a palm branch). A town in the south of Judah (Josh.15.31), identical with Hazar Susah, a town of Simeon (Josh.19.5), and almost certainly the same as Hazar Susim (1Chr.4.31). The site is not exactly identified.

SANSANNAH săn săn’ ə (סַנְסַנָּֽה, date stalk). A town in the Negev of Judah (Josh 15:31); location uncertain. Comparison with other name lists has led to identification with Hazar-susah (19:5) and Hazar-susim (1 Chron 4:31), but these identifications are not certain. Modern Khirbet esh-Shamsānīyāt, fifteen m. N of Beer-sheba is a possible location.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the uttermost cities in the Negeb of Judah (Jos 15:31), identical with Hazar-susah (Jos 19:5), one of the cities of Simeon, and almost certainly the same as Hazar-susim (1Ch 4:31). It cannot be said to have been identified with any certainty, though Simsim, "a good-sized village with well and pool, surrounded by gardens and having a grove of olives to the north," has been suggested (PEF, III, 260, Sh XX).